Have you ever wondered why you need to wait so long in between each laser hair removal appointment? The answer is in the hair cycles. Learn about your hair cycles and treatment intervals for laser hair removal here.


Everybody has three different stages of hair growth. The Anagen phase is the active growth phase. This is the only phase where laser hair removal is effective. Only 20% of hair is actively growing during one Anagen growth phase, hence why multiple treatments are necessary for laser hair removal to be effective for long-term results. The phase can last 3-4 months on the body and 5-7 years on the head. (This is why you can't grow long, head-type hairs on your arms or legs.)


The second phase is the Catagen phase, which is the shedding phase. Laser hair removal is not effective during this phase. This phase usually lasts around three weeks.


The last phase is the Telogen phase, or the dormant phase. Up to 80% of hair can be in the Telogen phase at any time. Laser hair removal is not effective during this phase. For a follicle to be treated it must be in the Anagen stage. That is the reason you will require a series of treatments because not all of your hair is in the Anagen phase at the same time.

At any given time 20% of the hair on your body is in the Anagen phase. The other 80% is on the Catagen or Telogen phases. That is why you will get (on average) a 20% reduction after every laser session. Often I see clients who have done laser at another clinic and they have not seen any improvement after several treatments. Laser should NEVER be like that. You should see an improvement after every treatment because at any given time you have hair in the Anagen phase.